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Well folks you probably know that it doesn't cost nothing to run a website. There's all sorts of costs involved like hosting, bandwidth, the price of extra bandwidth and databases and the renewal fees for the domain name. You've obviously seen the Paypal Donate button on the front page but I know asking for handouts is quite a tall order. Now here's a way of helping keeping us running without ever even being slightly out of pocket!
All you've got to do is use these links or search boxes when you buy from each respective store. You buy what you were going to anyway and I get a cut in the store's profits! Everyone wins. Just so long as you click through to the store using this page, all is good :)

(For all you UK-ers!)
Books, DVDs, Games, Electronics... you name it, Amazon has got it! Check the drop down menu for a full list and then search away! And recently I can testify that Amazon have pretty much the best prices for most items. So long as your order is over £19.99 you get free shipping too! Bargain!
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(For our American friends, or keen importers!)
Books, DVDs, Games, Electronics, Clothes... you name it, Amazon has got it - and our American counterpart has even more! Use this one if you are living in the US or importing anywhere else (but watch out - they are funny about importing certain items...)



(For anyone that loves games and gadgets!)
Games, games and more games. Well actually I wouldn't use these guys for games. I'd be more inclined to buy your hardware and accessories from them. Their games prices aren't impressive but they have an impressive range of consoles and accessories at very good prices. And they ship internationally, with very good delivery speeds! Highly recommended.


Play Asia

(For those things you can't find at Lik-Sang!)
Play Asia are a great store and the only reason I list them secondary to Lik-Sang is because I've been using Lik-Sang for longer. And the fact they don't provide a groovy search box for my to use on my site! Damn them, damn them all!! Just kidding - click the banner and use the search on their site :) - Japanese Video Games, Accessories & News