It's a wrap

Posted on 03/10/2009 at 18:26:01 by MakTheYak

Well finally, I think I've done it.

OK so I wanted to wrap up all my strips so I could concentrate on a new one without any nagging loose ends hanging about. I've uploaded all my Yak sketches, converted all my old Marmaduke strips into web format. Man, everything is up on this site. We're talking about my entire archive of cartooning, limited as it may be.

A little while ago (OK a long while ago) I wrote 3 strips for Bob's Your Uncle to kind of round it off a bit and make it feel like it kind of ended. The first of those strips I drew in January. 2008. The last, I drew today. Yes, it's taken almost 2 years to get through 3 strips. That really makes me feel kind of unproductive and I guess it's entirely justified!

Anyway there it is... enjoy. Of course it's been left way open in case I ever want to start drawing it again but that probably won't happen... new ideas tend to get in the way of that sort of thing. Onwards and upwards!

So when I make my long-time-coming return to the webcomics world I will have a new (or new-look) strip and a new site. It'll be epic, trust me. If you want to be kept in the loop, just subscribe to the RSS or you can even follow me on Twitter! I protect my tweets but don't worry, I'll approve you so long as you don't look like a spam bot ;)

Until then, I bid you adieu!


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