I've got my handwriting in a font!

Posted on 08/11/2008 at 05:07:24 by MakTheYak

This is kind of cool and exciting - I've turned my handwriting into a font!

My handwriting isn't the best and so you might be wondering why I'd even want to bother. Well I like comics that look hand-lettered. When I try to hand letter comics it looks awful and I figured the main reason for that is because I don't draw each letter consistently.

With the help of Fontifier I was able to draw decent looking letters in my own handwriting, at my own speed, trying as many times as I liked to get each letter right, and then download the result. I have to say I was pretty impressed!

My handwriting turned into a font

This service only costs $9, is instant and I think you'll get better results the higher the resolution of the letters you draw. It's based on the assumption that you'll print out the template they provide, write on it and then scan it in to send it. I just used my Wacom tablet to cut out the boring bits and did it straight onto the template file. But the template was only a low resolution gif and I drew my letters at the size they provided it, so I think my letters came out slightly jagged (only really visible when using the font at really large sizes).

But I'm really happy with it for the money and as you can see it looks great at comic sizes. If you're in the market for a font of your handwriting, give these guys a go!


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