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Posted by MakTheYak on 11/03/2007 at 07:01:55 about Marmaduke the Marmosette (20/05/1991):

Huh... what can I say about this? I think I was getting a bit carried away with myself. This isn't in strict order as I had drawn a few strips before I drew this but nevertheless, this was to be the cover of my first trade paperback. Hehe. A bit arrogant? Maybe, but I was only like 11 or 12. I'd prefer to call it "high aspirations". Needless to say that book was never published... until now! On the web!

Funny story actually, I knew someone at school who's Dad ran or had a fairly high position in a publishing company of some sort. I remember his wife talking to my mother in the supermarket one day and she said I should send him some of my work, which was very sweet of her. But realistically I didn't stand a chance of even being considered for publishing. The art was OK... for a 12 year old, but the jokes... well you'll see. Garfield it ain't.

My mother never let me forget about that amazing opportunity that I let slip through my fingers.



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